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SPEAKER PREVIEW: NFC; the future of mobile marketing, payment and redemption

Experts in the use of near field communication (NFC) in two key areas – proximity marketing and secure mobile contactless payments, Proxama is a next generation mobile commerce company that connects the physical and digital worlds. Founded in 2005, their award-winning platform is behind the UK’s first NFC outdoor media campaign, the UK’s first NFC consumer marketing campaign and the first prepaid mobile contactless payment service.

And, at Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 in London, Neil Garner (CEO & Founder) will join the speaking line up on Day Two of the conference programme to present ‘NFC – the future of mobile marketing, payment and redemption’. The presentation will offer insight into the role of NFC in proximity marketing and mobile payment with a focus on the developments within the NFC market and the solutions currently available.

“NFC technology has been around for a long time,” explains Garner. “However the growth and uptake of the technology throughout the years has been slow due to the limited number of NFC handsets available.

“Today, we have seen a drastic turn in events when it comes to the growing number of NFC handsets currently available. In 2012 alone we have seen the successful global sales of the Samsung S3, the Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920 and Sony Xperia T; each of them equipped with NFC technology.”

Influencing marketing and payment strategies

According to Garner, the growth of NFC handsets is already influencing the marketing and payment strategies of large consumer brands, as well as the marketing and payment strategies of MNOs and financial providers.

“With the largest payment networks including Visa and MasterCard actively supporting NFC technology, the mobile platform will gain even more importance for the modern-day consumers, changing the way that they make transactions, purchase products and connect with brands.”

“Proxama has been actively involved in successful trials of NFC marketing and payment strategies and has both seen and developed exciting use cases that demonstrate the significance of NFC for organisations and end users. I look forward to demonstrating this at the Forum and exploring how NFC can also provide significant value for organisations operating within the ticketing industry.”

In London, Neil Garner will discuss some of the most important benefits of NFC technology: not least integrated solutions and use cases currently available as well as the commercial value of NFC.

“2013 is promising to be a significant year for the progression of NFC in reaching mass consumption; the opportunities of what’s achievable through the use of NFC are endless. I look forward to sharing and demonstrating exciting projects that Proxama has worked on at Ticketing Technology Forum.”

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In pictures: A ‘behind the scenes’ look at Proxama’s TapPoint™ platform
Courtesy: Proxama

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