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#TBF23 Guest Q&A: Swiss Vapeur Parc’s Damien Fulbert

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Next month, Manchester’s Emirates Old Trafford will welcome senior executives from across the ticketing industry to TheTicketingBusiness Forum. 

One of those guests will be Damien Fulbert, the managing director of Swiss Vapeur Parc, an amusement park in Le Bouveret, Switzerland. 

Swiss Vapeur Parc is a miniature attraction located on the shores of Lake Geneva and features 1/4 scale train replicas, all within the backdrop of the beautiful country. 

Fulbert has been the managing director of the attraction for more than seven years. We asked him about the difficulties currently faced by attractions but also the opportunities within the sector… What are the key current challenges and opportunities in ticketing, in relation to attractions such as Swiss Vapeur Parc?

Damien Fulbert: “Swiss Vapeur can welcome 1 to 2,500 guests a day, depending on weather conditions. The key point to having a successful business is to be able to predict a few days before how many people will come on the day. This is the challenge to have the right number of staff, to plan the food, etc…

“Ticketing, adapting prices with dynamic pricing is a great tool to push people to plan their trips in advance. The more families plan their trip, the best we can adapt our process and offer them a perfect day.”

TTB: What are the most interesting trends you are witnessing?

DF: “One of the interesting trends is to copy and paste what our online website is doing in our park. To be able to follow the customers. For example, when family X is coming, they buy online with their card, then, they’re using the same card to buy food or souvenirs. If we notice they are great customers, we can offer them a great discount to come back next time. Casinos have been doing it for many years, and the time has come to adapt it in parks.”

TTB: What are your plans for the attraction over the coming year, and what are you looking forward to exploring more at the Forum?

DF: “The visit should be the key moment but not the only one. We have to make families dream of coming to our parks days before. To prepare in the best way, hours before, we need to give them useful information to ensure they have the best experience during the visit. But then, the story shouldn’t be over — it has to be told all around and then that opens a door for a visit next time for a new event. Ticketing and follow-ups are there to offer those opportunities. EasyJet, Booking(.com) are great at it — parks are a bit late, but our time is coming.”

Explore the future of ticketing with Damien Fulbert and hundreds of industry leaders at #TBF23 at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester, from April 19-20. BOOK TODAY.

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