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Ticketing People are People Too – Norsk Toppfotball

Our Hot Tickets Programme invites leading organisations to TheTicketingBusiness Forum who are looking to evaluate upgrades to their ticketing, CRM, membership or digital marketing platforms in the next 18 months and will be ‘shopping around’ on site.

In an effort to get to know our Hot Ticket recipients (we like to call them Hotties) a little better, we asked each of them a few questions in a quickfire interview.

It would be pretty boring to just ask about the upgrades they are evaluating at the Forum (although of course we asked this too), so we threw in a few curve ball questions too. Enjoy!

Next up is Thomas Torjusen, Head of Media & IT / CDO for Norsk Toppfotball, who will be joining the Forum on 17-18 April at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester.

What is your job role at Norsk Toppfotball?

Head of Media and IT and the CDO

What’s something people don’t know about your organisation?

We and our clubs represent a sharing philosophy. Everything – both positive and negative around club management is shared openly – except tactical information regarding the team before the matches.

What upgrades are Norsk Toppfotball evaluating at the Forum and why?

The best way of selling tickets as a user friendly and logical way which reduces dropouts due to not logical systems and journeys.

What’s your dream event to ticket?

The Winter Olympics

What was the last sporting event you went to?

The opening at the new venue for Vålerenga – Intility Arena.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? 

Tina Turner at Spectrum in Norway 2004

What’s the weirdest event you’ve ever attended?

Ghost hunting at a venue.

When you visit a venue, what do you notice first?

The activities in and around the venue and how the Stewards are welcoming you.

What’s the last ticket you bought?

Tickets to a Theatre – Les Miserables

What emerging technology are you most excited about?

Voice recognition and how this will influence our user journey, both when it comes to ticketing and general communication on websites and apps.

What are you most proud of?

Professionally – the launch of our joint media platform in December 16
Personally – Jumping above the 10 meters limit on kiteboarding

What three things always cheer you up?

Family, Kiteboarding and Florida

What would your autobiography be called?

The shifting digital consciousness

What’s your guilty pleasure song?

Club Tropicana, Wham

And the all important question… Dogs or cats?

Dogs 😊 Since I have a boxer

Meet Thomas, and all our other Hotties, at the Forum on 17-18 April in Manchester. Earlybird passes (including a free hotel night) are available here.

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