Ticketing Network East Midlands is a consortium of four entertainment organisations and venues in Nottingham, with a fully integrated, shared ticketing and CRM system – the first of its kind in the UK.

This collaboration through sharing CRM data, results in a better understanding of customer needs, enabling them to not only deliver an enhanced user experience, but also to pool their resources in times of austerity and spending cuts.

Taking us through this innovative system, Ticketing Technology Forum 2014 is pleased to welcome:

  • Jonathan Saville, Director – Sales, Marketing & Development, Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall, UK

theatre royal

How effective is your shared ticketing and CRM system?

“It has been very effective since we went live in January 2011. It has also helped to drive our ticketing traffic to over 50% online – which is almost double what we were achieving on our previous systems individually.”

What does it achieve?

“It initially allowed 4 very diverse organisations to work to together to purchase the leading arts & entertainment ticketing and CRM system, which nobody would have been able to purchase on their own. It has achieved a better experience for the customer and helped develop a much more effective online opportunity to sell tickets”.

How easy is it for you to interact and share the data together?

“Our Project Team meets on a monthly basis to discuss future developments and trouble shoot any problems that may have occurred. It has made interaction much more effective and means that we all work together in a much more collaborative manner.”

Were there any setbacks in the implementation of this project?

“There were a number of setbacks in the implementation of this project. The timescales we had originally set were moved back during the installation period. We also went live with the online ticketing element of the implementation 5 months after the traditional sales went live – which was a little bit longer apart than we planned.”

Being the first in the UK to implement it, what concerns did you have to factor in and overcome?

“Although we were the first UK consortium to be set up from scratch on Tessitura in the UK, there were a number of consortiums of this nature already working effectively in the USA. There were also a significant number of single site UK venues who had already implemented Tessitura within their organisations – so we had very little concerns on that basis.”

 Can you see it catching on with others in the world of ticketing?

“Very much so, especially within Arts & Cultural organisations. There are a number of other consortiums in the UK on Tessitura at present, and there is talk of others either collaborating together, or setting up consortiums and looking for additional users to join them. As public funding decreases to Arts & Cultural organisations, they will have to look at ways to operate at the same level on fewer resources.”

Learn how barriers were overcome, and how to utilise shared customer data and develop key ticketing strategies from Jonathan at Ticketing Technology Forum 2014Email us.



What are people saying?

The best networking place I've been to. I was able to get very high level leads and meet relevant partners. You did a great great job to gather such high level and exhaustive people!

Chloé Julien Founder & CEO, BandSquare, France

CIOs, CTO,s Chief Execs... all those people turn up at this event. it’s a fantastic opportunity to engage with them

Rick Jurkiewicz Head of Ticketing, The Rugby Football League, UK

This is the focal point of the ticketing industry in Europe, where the decision-makers meet and exchange ideas

Niels Henrik Sodemann Managing Partner/CEO, Queue-it, Denmark

At the Forum we made concrete progress with regards to selecting a new ticketing provider. I would be happy to recommend the Forum to other venues in the future.

Martin O'Donoghue Business Development Manager, Cork Opera House, Ireland

If you’re curious about the future, if you want to see how things are developing, if you wanna get to know your peers... you need to be at the Forum.

James Charrington CEO, Dewynters, UK

For me the most important thing was to meet with all the different companies in ticketing and I’ve managed that, and I left with many business cards!

Grégory Six Major Projects and Development Manager, AS Monaco, Monaco