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Why Use CRM with Green 4 Solutions?

Ticketing Technology Forum 2014 is delighted to announce Green 4 Solutions as one of the official Forum sponsors for next week in London.

Green 4 Solutions‘ client base now includes over 150 worldwide clients from a number of sports, associations, national governing bodies, leisure venues and entertainment businesses.

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“We’re an energetic company that specialise in CRM for sports and visitor attractions. We’re experts in CRM and data strategy and deliver an end-to-end solution for venues, from ticketing to customer loyalty. CRM is inherent with each part of our solution to allow organisations to get better insight from their data, understand customers and maximise revenue”.

Why is it so important for venues to invest in this type of service?

“Venues have the complexity of many system’s needs, from retail and ticketing sales, to corporate client management, F&B, CRM, Loyalty and venue entry. By joining up all of this technology onto a seamless platform, venues are not only able to benefit from operational efficiencies, but will gain significant value from a vast level of data and customer insight at their fingertips. This helps venues to deliver a better level of service, as well as empowering the marketing team to deliver targeted and engaging campaigns, resulting in increased revenue streams and maximum lifetime value from customers”.

What does Green 4 Solutions offer that other ticketing CRM platforms do not?

“A ticketing solution that is driven by CRM. It’s all built within the global leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and has customer experience, data and CRM inherent to the system. CRM is the lifeblood of the system and not just an afterthought”.

How is Green 4 Solutions working with the latest technologies in order to provide the best possible service to venue operators?


“Green 4 keeps up to date with the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics. We’re working on making sure that all online customer touchpoints are utilising responsive technology to deliver a first class experience whatever the device. Our fan loyalty programme presents so much opportunity for engagement, gamification and social media integration to the wider CRM strategy”.

What’s in it for the customer?

“The customer receives a more personal experience, as the venue becomes more in tune with their likes and dislikes. With the loyalty programme, the customer is likely to gain access to ‘money can’t buy’ rewards and experiences that they may never before have seen”.

How does Green 4 Solutions ticketing CRM system answer the problems many venues have with their own systems?

“By joining up the technology the venue will save on multiple contracts and complex system integrations. Data is immediately found within the CRM database allowing for timely and automated communication. Being able to slice and dice the data gives venues a huge opportunity to deliver targeted marketing that will deliver ROI”.

If you are in – or plan to engage with – the live entertainment ticketing business then you cannot afford to miss Ticketing Technology Forum 2014. Take a look at the Forum programme here (PDF download)

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