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Meet the Hotties: Harpa Conference Hall

We are delighted to be hosting our Hot Tickets Programme again for 2017, inviting leading organisations to the Forum who are looking to evaluate upgrades to their ticketing, CRM, membership or digital marketing platforms in the next 18 months and will be ‘shopping around’ on site

I’m a venue, can I have a Hot Ticket?

Ahead of the Forum, we wanted to get to know our Hotties a little better. First up on our Meet the Hotties Q&A series is Harpa Confernce Hall, represented by Box Office Manager Hrefna Sif Jónsdóttir.

It’s great to have Harpa on board – how did you learn about the Forum and what made you decide to attend this year?
Happy to hear you like having us on board! I learned about the Forum from my colleague Audur who has attended for several years in a row now.

Can you tell us about Harpa and your current role there?
Harpa is a concert hall and conference center located in downtown Reykjavik. It was opened in 2011 and has gotten several awards for its architecture. It has a great possibilites for every kind of conferences and concerts. The famous concert hall Eldborg takes 1800 people at its maximum, when every seat is in use.

I lead the box office team and am a part of a great team who are all about giving a good service. We are always looking at how we can do things better and that is a part of the reason I‘m attending Ticketing Technology Forum.

How many tickets does your organisation sell annually?
We sold in the region of 260,000 tickets during 2016.

Why has dynamic (demand-based) pricing not been more widely adopted in live music/arts?
I don‘t really know, but this matter is actually something I am now starting to seriously look into for Harpa. I am going to carry out research on dynamic pricing in ticketing for events in Harpa, and my goal is to find out if this will be a good fit for our market.

Which ticketing system are you currently using?
The ticketing system we use is It’s pretty new – only about 2 years old – and is still developing. What we like about it is that we have been using it from the beginning, and the owner and developer is open to all our comments and wishes, so we feel that we are taking part in how it develops.

Could you tell us about the upgrades you are currently evaluating, what are you looking for in a new system?

We are especially interested in looking at CRM solutions since we don‘t really have one. It would be ideal if we could find a CRM system which can connect to our current ticketing system – so that is what we are aiming for.

What are your main objectives for on site in Dublin? Who are you most looking forward to meeting/hearing from at the Forum?
My main goal with going to the Forum is to get more ideas for Harpa, especially around the development of the service we give in ticketing.

I have a CRM Solution – how can I meet them?

Meet Hrefna and all our other Hot Tickets (alongside 450+ ticketing leaders) on site in Dublin. Only 9 weeks to go! Register here.


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