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BROADWAY DATA FACELIFT: Major steps towards a truly data-driven culture

For the last two decades, the largest commercial theatre entity in the United States – Broadway – has been at the forefront of ticketing strategy, targeted marketing and sales forecasting in a business as unpredictable as it is reliably entertaining.

But how does a whole ecosystem answer pressing questions like: what makes a hit? Why do people come? How do audiences decide to pay several hundred dollars to share an experience with 1,000 other people that may or may not be to their liking?

Just short 12 months ago venues, producers, promoters and other members of the theater ecosystem had little or no integrated data options commonly understanding their businesses through a series of non-integrated reports and dashboards.

A year later the data environment in theatre ticketing is totally different as a result of the introduction of new tools, deployment of new processes and increased understanding of the importance of data.

Forum sponsors and speakers, Activty Stream will present alongside Shurbert Ticketing to explain how the Broadway venue owners have made major steps towards a truly data-driven culture, on site in Dublin on 5 April.


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