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Website Performance Bottlenecks Revealed

Our boutique exhibition area (no stands, just interactive demo-pods) which we call The Marketplace is a sellout for Ticketing Technology Forum 2015.

Queue-it (the virtual queue system to manage on-sale demand) will be showcasing its product in The Marketplace at Hilton London Wembley.

Take a look at the latest news from Queue-it…

Queue-it Performance Review 2014

The Queue-it Performance Review 2014 presents an analysis of both the performance and bottlenecks across the global set of Queue-it customers that use the online queue system alongside their transactional systems. These 2014 trends were noted by Queue-it experts to be due to the increasing size of online campaign days, and the growth of a multi-device preference by end-users in all industries.

The report shows a staggering increase of end-user inflow during peak periods by 76% compared to 2013. In comparison to the average increase in capacity by 11% over the same period, we learn that the actual load in peak periods has increased significantly more than the ability to handle these peak periods.

The analysis of the 2014 bottlenecks clearly illustrates that the primary issues rest within web services and gateways, and/or the database, followed by internet connections and network infrastructure. In particular, payment systems seemed to cause some main issues to website performance, which is why ticketing providers in particular should also analyze their third party content and subsequent fourth party calls.

A word from the Co-Founder…

Although many companies probably find that their website is secure, optimized, and fine-tuned, they are surprised by the performance of their website when massive amounts of users visit their site”, said Camilla Ley Valentin, CCO and Co-founder at Queue-it.

The report also found that 50% of the 2014 queues showed a user-per-minute rate below 134, compared to 120 in 2013, and that 11% of the 2014 queues were able to handle a user-per-minute rate above 400, compared to 10% in 2013.

Our ticketing customers do not accept downtime on their websites, and they are very much aware that website failure during extreme user peaks, such as high volume ticket onsales, can spell disaster, particularly in the form of lost revenue, unsold ticket stock and unhappy customers. Queue-it specializes in helping website owners manage user peak situations with an online queue system, designed to provide fairness and transparency to end-users while maintaining website performance and optimizing revenue,” said Camilla Ley Valentin.

Find the report here or at For more information about Queue-it please visit our website at

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