Ticketing Technology Forum’s Content and Programming Manager Salim Essemiani took the short trip to London to join ticketscript’s head honchos for the launch of their latest innovation into the UK market.

The evening comprised of a presentation by Jason Thomas – Chief Commercial Officer, launching their latest system into the UK market – ticketscript box office’ and ‘the #sellmore reporting suite’.

This new innovation is a powerful analytics tool, which gives the ticket seller more insight and data about your customers, their online behaviour, their conversion habits, which device they log in from, where your traffic comes from and how it ultimately allows ticket sellers to sell more.

ticketscript box office’ is a cutting-edge on-the-door integrated ticket sales app which allows event organisers to process last minute on-site sales and track them alongside all previous ticket sales through an intuitive dashboard.

The latest ticketscript innovation focusses on giving ticket sellers exclusive access to their data and consumer analytics, rather than sharing it or passing on to plug other sellers’ events.


Jason Thomas provided the attendees with an analogy to explain the thinking behind this. “You wouldn’t see someone handling Sainsbury’s data, but using it to sell Tesco’s products to their customers. But that’s what most people in the ticketing industry do”.ticketscript

He also talked of the importance in the timing of ticket sales: “Being 3-6 months ahead of your competition can be the difference between a successful event and an unsuccessful one”.

The new system has already been successfully launched in the Netherlands and Germany, with ‘ticketscript‘ now bringing the ticketing system to the UK market.

The presentation was followed by drinks and nibbles in a trendy Shoreditch bar, in the urban heart of East London.


Notable attendees included: Grant Barrett – Head of Sales UK, Frans Jonker – CEO, Jenni Young – Chief Marketing Officer and Tim Barlow – Senior Sales Manager.

Salim is always keen to get out of the office and meet with our friends in the industry, but this time he also managed to gain valuable insight into the latest industry technologies.

“It wasn’t really a ‘networking event’, but more a chance to get to really understand what ‘ticketscript’ are doing, and how they’re doing it, as well as a chance to meet some of their current and prospective new clients and see how the ticketing solution works for them ”, commented Salim.

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What are people saying?

The best networking place I've been to. I was able to get very high level leads and meet relevant partners. You did a great great job to gather such high level and exhaustive people!

Chloé Julien Founder & CEO, BandSquare, France

CIOs, CTO,s Chief Execs... all those people turn up at this event. it’s a fantastic opportunity to engage with them

Rick Jurkiewicz Head of Ticketing, The Rugby Football League, UK

This is the focal point of the ticketing industry in Europe, where the decision-makers meet and exchange ideas

Niels Henrik Sodemann Managing Partner/CEO, Queue-it, Denmark

At the Forum we made concrete progress with regards to selecting a new ticketing provider. I would be happy to recommend the Forum to other venues in the future.

Martin O'Donoghue Business Development Manager, Cork Opera House, Ireland

If you’re curious about the future, if you want to see how things are developing, if you wanna get to know your peers... you need to be at the Forum.

James Charrington CEO, Dewynters, UK

For me the most important thing was to meet with all the different companies in ticketing and I’ve managed that, and I left with many business cards!

Grégory Six Major Projects and Development Manager, AS Monaco, Monaco