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Smart Ticketing soltions with Samsung

The Samsung Smart Ticket app has been designed to improve the live music experience. Bringing technology to the forefront of live music, Smart Ticket is helping bring the fans closer to the artists.

Currently under ‘live development’ via the Samsung Galaxy Studio Live music events, the app is the most advanced mobile ticketing solution in the world – integrating native handset and platform features including WiFi, GPS, compass, video players and, in the case of Samsung handsets, NFC.

 NFC Technology

Samsung Smart Ticket goes further than just ticketing and payment by offering fan interaction, exclusive content, travel and venue services and even a unique light show that fans and artists can join in with.

Smart Ticket uses NFC technology and a ticketless concept to allow quick and seamless access to the event.

Taking us through the development and success (and deployment challenges) to date, we are delighted to welcome:

  • Mark Taffler, Head of Music, Samsung Electronics, UK
  • Denzil Thomas, Head of Music, PHAR Partnerships, UK

Download the updated programme here.

Join Mark and Denzil and other ticketing professionals, only at the Ticketing Technology Forum 2014. Email us.



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