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A few secrets to making your business smarter!

It’s a bold statement “making your business smarter”, maybe even a little provocative. But given that your business is driven by your team, making your team more productive, proactive and capable would make your business smarter, right? Seems like a realistic goal?

This article provides some thoughts on raising awareness, empowering your organisation and fostering a data-driven culture – along with its challenges and benefits.

Digital footprints: From goals to data to actionable intelligence and beyond

untitledYou have a vision and goals for your company. These goals could be simple in nature, at least on paper: to generate a certain amount in revenue, to deliver a certain number of events, to attract more visitors, and so on.

Achieving these goals requires well­thought­out strategies and a capable team. You must also have the ability to monitor and measure your performance to be able to continuously learn and adjust your efforts. This has become vastly easier in the digital age, as most of your business activities – everything from scanning a ticket to a customer searching your website – leave a digital footprint.

Productivity through complete overview and full visibility

Each team member plays a unique part in achieving the goals of your organisation. There are a few elements that are, in our opinion, critical to individual performance: feedback, complete overview, shared foundation and full visibility.

Ongoing planning and prioritisation rely on feedback so that your team members know whether they’re on the right track. This information should be readily available to everyone at all times. This can be achieved through intuitive dashboards, where you can combine the complete overview and KPIs for your high-level goals with those relevant to each individual. Finding the right balance in the information provided is an art. A shared high-­level view serves as a foundation for keeping your team in sync and working together optimally, while the more specific KPIs and information enhance the ability to make the right decisions on an individual basis.

Nothing kills productivity faster than being uninformed and having to rummage for vital information across multiple systems. Empowering your team with access to the right information bypasses this pitfall. Providing easy access to all relevant information in one place, where it can be viewed, combined, explored and understood are key factors in creating and maintaining a productive organisation.

These are the key factors in creating and maintaining a productive organisation, making sure your team is always informed, up-to-date and has easy access to all information they need.

Proactivity inspired by operational intelligence

Even with comprehensive access to information, it can still be difficult to maintain full overview and keep track of everything that is taking place in your business. Everybody is busy, with very little time to sit and monitor what is happening just in case there’s a need to act. We at Activity Stream have found much inspiration in the question:


“Is something happening right now that would help me do a better job – if I knew about it?”

  • The ability to continuously answer this question in real­time would both increase the capability of your team and allow them to be more proactive. Achieving this within an organisation requires: the ability to continuously monitor and perform intelligent analysis of your business to discover opportunities and situations that need attention.
  • A delivery mechanism that ensures that actionable intelligence is delivered to the right person, or system, at the right time.

We have found that an intelligent use of enterprise activity streams is a fantastic delivery mechanism. Most people are proficient at working with social activity streams such as Facebook, so engaging with a business-focused activity stream comes very naturally. Your team member would get a notification when they need to act. The activity stream provides the actionable intelligence in full context and sufficient detail to allow for immediate action. Activity streams are also great for collaboration and simple workflows, enabling team members to engage in on­topic conversations, comment, claim, assign, and more, all while ensuring that everyone is looking at the same information.

Using artificial intelligence to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time creates great value. It makes your team more proactive and capable, as it ensures that important events in your business do not go unnoticed. Free from the need to manually monitor changes, your employees have greater peace of mind and can use their time more productively.

Sustainable Intelligence – a magical mix of people and technology

The transformation into a smarter, data ­driven organisation begins with raising awareness through increased access to information. Providing your team with a holistic, up­-to­-date view allows them to continuously monitor their own performance, as well as that of the team as a whole.

The effect can be astounding, as it has an positive impact on behaviour.

As Eli Goldrat states: “Tell me how you measure me, and I will tell you how I will behave”

You could even argue that the information, for example continuous KPIs, becomes a management tool and a positive driver through increased awareness and visibility.


Redefining processes is the only sustainable approach to achieving change. Organisations should put greater emphasis on making up­-to­-date information available to their teams while eliminating the time sink of manual searching.

The greatest benefits come from using technology to empower your team. At Activity Stream, we believe that providing the right information to the right people at the right time is your most powerful business tool.

Activity Stream is a next­-generation business intelligence and productivity tool for businesses which enables them to improve daily operations and their customers’ experience. It combines business activity monitoring, operational intelligence, enterprise activity streams with powerful data visualization to offer a unique solution to businesses that want to become truly data­driven.

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