TheTicketingBusiness Awards 2018 is looking to recognise the years’ most effective ticket sales & marketing campaign – with emphasis on the innovative use of technology and digital channels.

We host some of the world’s leading marketers at the Forum each year. This year will be no exception, but we are looking for the very best sales & marketing campaign to honour with the title of Campaign of the Year 2018.

Previous Winners

Winners of the award at the inaugural ceremony in 2016 were 16th FINA World Championships (Kazan). The judges made the final decision and commented “An impressive event ticketing achievement in an emerging market which utilised many new technologies and unique problem-solving approaches. It’s clear that there is as much innovation and fresh-thinking in new markets as there is in existing.”

in 2017, StreetTeam (now Verve) were awarded for their ‘Rewarding your festival ambassadors’ campaign. Our judges commented “Empowering – and incentivising – your best customers to be your ambassadors embraces the key changes in the way we are marketing and selling our tickets… We expect to see this being taken from festivals and adopted industry-wide…”

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It’s free to nominate and we just need an outline of how the campaign functioned and some measurable insights into the success of campaign with your submission.

Did you deliver the best marketing campaign this year?

Nomination takes just a few minutes via our online form and the benefits of winning are endless.

Take a look at our categories below, and if your achievements fit, get nominating!

Nominations close on Friday 22 December





The public are invited to submit nominations in the following categories


For the most effective ticket sales & marketing campaign – with emphasis on the innovative use of technology and digital channels. Please explain how the campaign functioned and include measurable insights into success of campaign with your submission.


For an individual/team that delivers consistently outstanding service and results for an entertainment ticketing enterprise (be it a sports team, an arts organisation or an event organiser). Awarded to the quiet achiever(s), the ever-reliable ‘behind-the-scenes’ fixer(s) and the person(s) that ‘just gets on with the job’.


For best migration, upgrade, integration or new implementation project. Who’s moved onto a new platform and really seen their revenues and retention rising? Who’s really bringing their resources together using smart tools and digital connectivity to wow their customers? Who’s bridging the data and departmental silos? Which transformation has had the most impact on ticket sales and success?


Disruptors share a common purpose: create businesses, products and services that are better — less expensive and more creative, useful and impactful — and scalable. Which new business is set to disrupt – or has already destabilised – the established ticketing order?


Awarded to the service, initiative or enhancement to the ticket-buying guest experience – be that at purchase, on arrival, during or after the event. Who’s got the ‘best box office’ out there? What is really improving the way our customers purchase and consume their entertainment experience?


Awarded for a product or service that has uniquely transformed and improved the way ticketing entities do business. Entries should state the organisation/vendor responsible for the product/service, and how the product/service has improved operations at a specific customer install/venue/rightsholder.


Best integration or application of data analysis and insights to an entertainment ticketing challenge. Entries should state the project aims, successes and key products/platforms and partners behind the end result.


For the leader, pioneer or visionary that has moved the ticketing sector to new heights. Awarded to the individual that has over-delivered in the past 12 months.


The big one! Awarded to the best ticketing business in the business – whether that be a ticketing platform, service supplier, box office, venue, team, promoter, visitor destination, festival or rightsholder. Has your organisation really taken its ticketing to a new level in the past 12 months?




Nominations will close on Friday 22 December 2017.


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The highest number of exciting conversations we've ever had at a conference!

Natalie Senyk Business Development Manager, Softjourn

The best networking place I've been to. I was able to get very high level leads and meet relevant partners. You did a great great job to gather such high level and exhaustive people!

Chloé Julien Founder & CEO, BandSquare, France

A very well organised conference and great fun too. Many exciting opportunities in the pipeline...

Lea Stiels Marketing Manager, Oxynade

CIOs, CTO,s Chief Execs... all those people turn up at this event. it’s a fantastic opportunity to engage with them

Rick Jurkiewicz Head of Ticketing, The Rugby Football League, UK

2019 was our first year at the Forum, we are really happy and have had a lot of very exciting conversations.

Kelsey McGrath Operations Manager, PixelPin

This is the focal point of the ticketing industry in Europe, where the decision-makers meet and exchange ideas

Niels Henrik Sodemann Managing Partner/CEO, Queue-it, Denmark