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#TBF22 Preview: More than just hot air – AI-powered Dynamic Pricing

In a unique double-header at #TBF22 we’ll be exploring the success of dynamic pricing for visitor attractions – and the transferable lessons to other leisure, sports and entertainment offers.

We welcome Damien Fulbert, Managing Director, Swiss Vapour Parc (Switzerland’s world-famous railway steam park) alongside Alexandre Martin, CEO & Co-Founder at Smeetz, the ticketing, marketing and dynamic pricing platform.

Swiss Vapour Parc is a miniature park operating 1/4 scale real steam locomotives in Switzerland – a major attraction for Swiss, French and International visitors. Damien has been a director for more than six years, with his previous experience in a local water parc. He has a passion for travel with a strong tie to Japan and the leisure industry.

The team at Smeetz pride themselves on “allowing customers to scale-up sales, reach, and efficiency” with Alexandre having expertise in product development, financing, marketing, sales and growth strategy. In particular, he loves putting all of his problem-solving skills and creativity to improve the day-to-day of our customers, team-mates, and partners.

By way of introduction they note: “It’s no secret that the visitor attraction and theme park sector are slow adopters when it comes to change and new strategies, making them stick to long-held static pricing practices. Whereas the bulk of the travel and tourism industry have been embracers of dynamic pricing since 1980s, our industry is still only taking ‘baby steps’ in that direction with price differentiation and seasonal pricing only”

Discover the Swiss Vapeur Parc’s dynamic pricing success story – one of the first theme parks in Switzerland to start using AI-powered dynamic pricing models.

What made Damien take the first step towards dynamic pricing? What has been his experience with dynamic pricing since its implementation in 2019? What benefits did he see in the adoption of this new pricing strategy? What has been the impact on its park and its visitors?

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