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#TBF22 Preview: Dynamic Pricing: Let Your Fans Decide

The TicketingBusiness is delighted to welcome Sean Kelly, Founder of Vatic to its expert speaker line-up for the 10th edition of the Forum.

For over a decade Sean was Head of Marketing at performing arts organisations large, and small across the USA. During this time he gained a deep understanding of live event pricing, and developed a new way of thinking about what we should be charging for a ticket.

Sean will explore:

  • How a fan-centric approach to dynamic pricing can yield extraordinary results (and doesn’t gouge customers);
  • The common misunderstanding in dynamic pricing– there’s a lot of urban legend out there;
  • And the importance of the ‘conversation’ – after all, every time a fan buys a ticket, they are having a conversation with your organisation. It’s a conversation about value. 

As Sean says: “At the end of the day, the point of dynamic pricing is to listen to what they are saying. What does it mean for them to attend an event? What value do they place on that experience?”

“True dynamic pricing means letting the fans decide. It’s about finding the right price. Because when you find the right price for each event, you ensure that fans are getting the value they expect from the experience.

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