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#TBF22 Preview: Nimax Re-opening: 400 days on

TheTicketingBusiness team is honoured to welcome back Laurence Miller, Commercial Director for Nimax Group who will present a special session on both looking back, and looking forward entitled: Re-opening Post Pandemic 400 days on.

This year’s #TBF22 will mark just over 400 days since Nimax re-opened their six theatres following the pandemic. Nimax Theatres are the owners and operators of six West End theatres, and Laurence has been with the organisation since 2005. He currently oversees the programming, production, marketing and ticketing at Nimax.

At #TBF22, Laurence will be answering questions relating to:

  • What (if anything) has changed?
  • How have buying patterns changed?
  • What has changed by design?
  • What has changed by external factors?
  • …along with insights into the Nimax experience and a look to the future in the post-COVID world.

Laurence has worked in the West End for just over 30 years, and prior to joining Nimax was Managing Director of Jongleurs Comedy and COO for Clear Channel Entertainment Theatrical. He is fascinated and interested in the use of new technology within West End theatres to improve distribution and increase sales for productions.

Want to come along next month (July 7-8)? Let us know and we’ll get you registered.