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Awards: 2020 Nominations are open!

It’s that time of year again, where we call on you – our network of industry experts – to help us recognise achievement, innovation and leadership in the world of ticketing.

TheTicketingBusiness Awards are the only awards to recognise a whole spectrum of achievements from across the global ticketing industry.

Below is some useful information if you are considering nominating your team for the 2020 edition…


What are the important dates?

[Revised in March 2020 due to COVID-19 impacts]

15 January 2020 – Nominations Open

13 March 2020 – Nominations Close

26 June 2020 – Shortlists Announced (Online) / Judges receive dossier

28 July 2020– Winners Announced (online)

29 September 2020 – Winners Party (at the Forum)

Can I nominate myself?

Of course! (In fact, we encourage it)

We receive hundreds of nominations from organisations wanting to shout about the great work they have done. And you should too.

We actively encourage your team to put yourselves forward. After all, you’re the most qualified to tell us how amazing your work is and why it’s award-worthy.

You can also nominate a colleague or fellow ticketing organisation, and we do get many nominations from outside parties, but don’t be ashamed to blow your own trumpet!

Is there a fee to nominate?

It’s completely free to nominate, and must be done via our simple online nomination form.

What information do I need to nominate?

You’ll need the following information:

  • Owner / Project lead
  • A one-line description of your entry
  • Details of all organisations to be credited
  • 1,000 word (max) supporting statement
  • 2-5 High Res images
  • Videos (if applicable)
  • Testimonials from senior management

Supporting evidence is strongly encouraged (i.e case studies, stats, figures, client testimonials, news stories etc) as this can greatly assist our Judging Panel and Awards team during their considerations.

Our Awards team will consider all submissions and carry out all the necessary research to qualify before creating our shortlist.

Which categories can I nominate in?

We invite nomination submissions in all open categories. You may nominate in as many categories as you wish, and you may submit the same nomination across different categories.

During the shortlisting process, The Awards committee may decide that your nomination is more fitting to a different category and you may be placed in that category instead.

The Categories are:


For the most effective ticket sales & marketing campaign – with emphasis on the innovative use of technology and digital channels. Please explain how the campaign functioned and include measurable insights into the success of the campaign with your submission.


For an individual/team that delivers consistently outstanding service and results for an entertainment ticketing enterprise (be it a sports team, an arts organisation or an event organiser). Awarded to the quiet achiever(s), the ever-reliable ‘behind-the-scenes’ fixer(s) and the person(s) that ‘just gets on with the job’.


For best migration, upgrade, integration or new implementation project. Who’s moved onto a new platform and really seen their revenues and retention rising? Who’s really bringing their resources together using smart tools and digital connectivity to wow their customers? Who’s bridging the data and departmental silos? Which transformation has had the most impact on ticket sales and success?DISRUPTOR AWARDDisruptors share a common purpose: create businesses, products and services that are better — less expensive and more creative, useful and impactful — and scalable. Which new business is set to disrupt – or has already destabilised – the established ticketing order?


Disruptors share a common purpose: create businesses, products and services that are better — less expensive and more creative, useful and impactful — and scalable. Which new business is set to disrupt – or has already destabilised – the established ticketing order?


Awarded to the service, initiative or enhancement to the ticket-buying guest experience – be that at purchase, on arrival, during or after the event. Who’s got the ‘best box office’ out there? What is really improving the way our customers purchase and consume their entertainment experience?


Awarded for a product or service that has uniquely transformed and improved the way ticketing entities do business. Entries should state the organisation/vendor responsible for the product/service, and how the product/service has improved operations at a specific customer install/venue/rightsholder.


Best integration or application of data analysis and insights to an entertainment ticketing challenge. Entries should state the project aims, successes and key products/platforms and partners behind the end result.


For the leader, pioneer or visionary that has moved the ticketing sector to new heights. Awarded to the individual that has over-delivered in the past 12 months.


The big one! Awarded to the best ticketing business in the business – whether that be a ticketing platform, service supplier, box office, venue, team, promoter, visitor destination, festival or rightsholder. Has your organisation really taken its ticketing to a new level in the past 12 months?


The Outstanding Achievement Award recognises an individual that has shown exceptional commitment, service and leadership to the entertainment ticketing sector industry over a sustained period of time. (And no, they don’t have to be retiring any time soon!)

How are the winners decided?

Our categories will be put forward to our international Judging Panel who will reach a decision (one vote each) after looking at all the evidence provided, along with their own research.

When will the winners be announced?

For 2020, due to CVOID-19 impacs, the winners will be announced online 28 July.

How do I nominat?

You can vote through our online form or send your nominations by email to us.

You can, of course, vote for yourself but you’ll only be able to vote once, so if you’re in the running, you’ll need to promote your entry to your own audience to gain support.

Who were the winners last year?

You can download the full 2019 Winners Brochure here.

Who is on the Judging Panel?

Here’s our 2020 Judging Panel.

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