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MEET TIX: Adapting – and growing – in the pandemic

There are probably not many ticketing companies which decided to expand to new markets – and grow their teams with all those associated costs – during the pandemic. But, aware of the risks, the plucky Icelandic arts ticketing supplier (and 2021 Forum partner) TIX did just that.

“We took the decision to expand to new markets in August 2020,” explains Sindri Már Finnbogason (pictured centre), the self-confessed geek Founder and CEO of TIX. “We started investigating markets we should go for, and immediately saw an opportunity for our product. In addition to our established client base across Scandinavia and at home in Iceland, we decided to start offering our services in Belgium, The Netherlands and then the UK.”

New markets. New demands

At the time of writing, TIX’s expanded footprint already takes in three culture and concert venues in Belgium, plus another six in the Netherlands all fully-operational today.

In addition, preparations are underway for two more confirmed client implementations in these new markets. One of these is the world-famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam which TIX describe as “an incredible reference client for us”. 

TIX appointed Ken Paul – who draws on 35 years of ticketing experience and contacts through his roles in the West End (Nimax, Really Useful and Delfont Mackintosh) and later in system sales with ENTA and SeatGeek – to head its UK expansion. Paul (pictured right) adds: “We’ve not started selling tickets just yet in the UK, but we have one signed client and several others very interested. I look forward to sharing some big news from this market very soon.”

Client-driven software

With its stated commitment and total focus on arts, theatre, museums and culture house segment, it has been the firm’s new (and existing clients) – and the external pandemic shocks on our industry – which have driven product development of the platform in the last 18 months.

“This segment is where we have our in-depth and long-term knowledge and experience,” explains Hrefna Sif Jónsdóttir, TIX’s Head of Support (pictured left) from its base in Iceland. “And this is where we are currently experiencing an overwhelming interest in our solutions and offers.”

She adds: “Since we started operating in new markets, we have added a lot of new features – both big and small – that are available to all of our customers” from the single platform. 

Today’s features

We asked TIX to talk us through some of the latest features added to the platform: 

Memberships & Donations 

  • “This is something that was not common in our previous markets but is very important to our clients in the new markets, So we added these new memberships and donations features to our system and now many of our customers – in all markets – have started using this.”

360° View of Customer Activity

  • This is TIX’s in-built CRM capability. The company says: “The 360 degree view of customer activity is a great possibility to get to know the customers even better. It is a smart tool which provides you with a full overview of the history, behaviour and value of your customers. Tracking and displaying all customer activities, to allow you to build strong and personal customer relationships.”

Organisation Module

  • “A new organisation module has been added which makes it possible to connect specific user of the system to a group that has special access rights for events, reports etc. This gives our customers who have different organisations within the venue more independence in the system and gives more clarity when it comes to their specific areas of revenue and reports.”

Bulk refunds

  • “We built a mass refund tool where our customers can refund whole events with one click and the possibility to issue vouchers for customers in an easy way. Not that we ever like to refund tickets but it saves our customers a lot of time and work and that is what we always aim for.”

Social distance algorithm

  • “The social distance algorithm is a feature where the system helps you sell seats with social distance between different orders. As we all know there have been a lot of different regulations we have to adjust to and this helped our customers selling events and follow applicable rules in their area at the same time.”

Self service to the ticket holder: Ticket forwarding and more refund options

  • “As well as in other industries, ticket buyers want more flexibility and want to be able to service themselves when they want to. Ticket-buyers can now forward one or multiple tickets to other persons from the confirmation page. If one person buys tickets for a whole group they can easily forward each ticket to the rest of the group.

Reschedule & Refund Options

  • “Our client venues can now add specific refund options when cancelling or moving an event to another date. This gives the ticket holders the opportunity to choose if they want a refund, donate or transfer the ticket value to a gift card, directly from their confirmation page or email.”

Let’s offer the last word on the company’s growth – both geographic and functional – to TIX’s Head of Support.

She takes a breath, then says: “We strive to be continuously updated on market trends. In close cooperation and dialogue with our partners, we focus on creating and developing the best solutions in the industry and the segments in which we operate.”

Come and meet TIX at #TBF21 or get in touch with them today here.

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